Each project has a potentially ideal format, so we will make use of the different available techniques to always achieve the same goal: getting Science to the public in an understandable and entertaining manner.
University of Barcelona 2011 Entterpreneurship award

We make videos of various kinds and for different purposes: informative, educational, etc. from the ‘raw idea’ to the final product. We use various illustration techniques such as Timelapse, Slow motion, recordings with macro, magnifying glass and microscope to visualize the smaller events, etc.. We also combine real images with 3D.

Icon - Video recording and edition at Formas Naturales. Science communication Barcelona

We make 3D animations, a technique particularly suited to illustrate processes that are invisible to the human eye”). We can develop a project entirely in 3D or insert 3D snippets in a video recorded with camera. In the field of 3D, molecular movies stand out for explaining processes that occur at cellular level.

Icon - 3D animation by Formas Naturales. Science communication Barcelona

Illustration is a very useful tool, widely used in textbooks, scientific journals, TVnews, etc. We make the illustrations -2D & 3D- for all these various formats.

Icon Illustration by Formas Naturales. Science communication Barcelona

We also do web and multimedia applications for the development of interactive educational and outreach activities . All the resources mentioned above -including quizzes and other exercises- can be used in these applications.

Multimedia icon. It is a robot. Formas Naturales, science communication Barcelona

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